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About Us

Design Concept
The OPPEIN Home Group Inc., combines years of experience, a strong understanding of today's home cultures, market trends and inspirations from design team members to create innovative and original cabinets designs.
OPPEIN believes that the comprehensiveness of the design team is a guarantee to a timeless and on-trend cabinet, so we have invited international reputable designers to join us to input different ideas, such as Italian well-known and creative designers: Ettore Tinagli and Michael NardiTonet.

Ettore Tinagli, was born in Tuscany Italy where is the cradle of Italian Renaissance. Ettore graduated from Florence Furniture Design Institute in 1972, and established STUDIO TINAGLI DESIGN premise in 1985.

He has been engaged in cabinetry design for more than 40 years, now teaching in department of architecture of Florence University. He is famous in Italy for his research in home design. He has repeatedly served as judges in Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Mr Michael Nardi Tonet, one of the most innovative designer in Italy. in 2005, he founded his studio in Florence and commits to transforming people life with his creative ideas. His works are often adopted by many well-known architectural & design magazines.
About the protection of environment, OPPEIN abides strictly by the policy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In order to demonstrate our commitment to protect the environment and reduce consumption, OPPEIN has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications on its quality and environmental management systems from National Standards Authority of China for many years fulfilling requirements.
For the health and safety of personnel, OPPEIN ensures every cabinet is health-friendly. Through experts' detailed tests, the average quantity of formaldehyde emission from OPPEIN panels is 0.5mg/L, much less than the European Class E1 standards (≤1.5mg/L). 
Company Overview
In 1994, OPPEIN Home Group Inc,. was founded in Guangzhou, China. For decades of growth and development, it has become the largest cabinetry manufacture in Asia, and specialized in manufacturing high-end custom kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and countertops.
With 10,000 employees and 125 acres manufacture center equipped with advanced production equipment (HOMAG® from Germany), there are thousands of quality cabinets produced annually in OPPEIN: 600,000+ sets of kitchen cabinets, 200,000+ wardrobes, 100,000+ bathroom cabinets and 250,000+ interior doors.